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About us

Established since 2005 and headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, ABST specializes in Custom designed Software Development for SMEs. We are your trusted IT Partner providing you with the latest innovations and solutions to make the most of your investments and position your business in the forefront of the technology driven arena and industry.

Regardless of whether you have partnered with an IT Partner prior or this is your maiden effort, you can be rest assured that Asian Business Services & Technologies (ABST) cost-effective support system, expertise and guidance is the inspiration you need to give your business that competitive edge.

Furthermore, we at ABST strive to provide our clients with top notch service when it comes to their automation needs. We accomplish this by analysing each client’s demands, concern and requirements before presenting them with a specifically tailor made and customised, cost competitive solution hence a win-win proposal for our client. When it comes to client satisfaction ABST delivers commitment, expertise and competence.

OUR mission

It’s our desire to become your trusted IT Partner hence digitally transforming your business and propelling it towards success.

Forging long term relationships with our customer/client. 

To continually enhance, upgrade and augment all our services and solutions ensuring unrivalled excellence hence adding value to your organization

Our Vision

To be a leader in Customized Software Solutions Provider for all SMEs regardless of their industry with our visionary, innovative, user friendly, cost efficient and state of the art solutions.

Our goal is to empower and propagate the business potential of our clients, by guiding them every step of the way towards the culmination of increased revenue for their businesses.

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